Wifi-Blocking individual Tourtollet Eymin Petot wallpaper

tech_innovator06__01__630x420Forget prim Laura Ashley floral patterns and designs opulent style of Louis XIV: Wallpaper is not just about atmospheric rooms. High-tech versions of emitting light, purify the air, and even keep it from crumbling buildings in bombings. Now individual Petot Eymin Tourtollet, 46, scientific director of the Pulp and Paper Research Institute French Centre Technique du Papier, has invented a wallpaper with snowflake design that blocks Wi-Fi signals, while allows FM radio and emergency frequencies to pass through.

Petot Eymin Tourtollet-going by three names-past wanted to help people and businesses protect their Wi-Fi networks to improve data security and network speed. Alternatively, the barrier could be used to create Wi-Fi zones in homes, hospitals and theaters for reasons of privacy and health. “Many people want spaces that are protected from electromagnetic waves,” he says, referring to the potential hazards, such as an increased risk of genetic damage and cancer. These have not been proven conclusively, but, says, “In France there is a concern much to do with this.”

After four years of collaboration with the Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble in France, the team Eymin Tourtollet Petot MetaPaper rose with a filter that is 99 percent effective against Wi-Fi signals. The secret is in the patented patterns conductive metallic ink printed on paper that drivers not only blocks certain frequencies. Selectivity MetaPaper set apart from anti-Wi-Fi paint, introduced by Japanese scientists in 2009, blocking all frequencies. Petot Eymin Tourtollet and his team took inspiration for the design of fractals and other geometries. “Even painting exhibitions visited some ideas for modern artists,” he says.

MetaPaper, which can be covered with traditional wallpaper, does not block the signals passing through windows and doors. For complete protection, recommended Tourtollet Petot Eymin cover windows with standard plastic heat shields, which filter all electromagnetic waves. This would create a barrier to Wi-Fi even while allowing other signals that travel through walls.

Ahlstrom, a Finnish materials company which helped fund the research Eymin Petot Tourtollet, MetaPaper plans to make available in the market this year. The company did not respond to requests for comment, but analysts research firm Global Industry says Ahlstrom MetaPaper sell for about $ 12 per square meter and the estimates of the paper filtering Wi-Fi will generate sales of up to $ 38 million in France only within a year of release. “The importance of the discovery lies in the ability … to provide the material with the same functionality and aesthetics as traditional wallpaper and product price in the same proportion as conventional wallpaper” wrote a spokesman GIA in an email.

Petot Eymin MetaPaper Tourtollet plan to install both in your own home office in Grenoble, despite not yet have permission. “I have to talk to my wife,” he says.


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