The Latest Easter Delicacy: Gefilte Fish Craft

gifiltefish_630x420 There are other versions, more savory Easter staple. The Gefilteria, a small start of Brooklyn, last year began selling artisan breads stuffed fish: While the standard shook ordination is often carp, mullet, pike and mixed with matzo meal and other charges, Gefilteria ingredients include fresh salmon and trout, and no fillers other than onions and seasonings. “It’s really a completely different product,” says Jeffrey Yoskowitz, one of the three start-up of the co-founders. “It’s cool, so it’s less suspicious … and because we do not use fillers, the texture is denser, almost like a pate or terrine.” The product, which is frozen to maintain freshness criticized, can be found in the frozen food section of some gourmet markets.

Yoskowitz, 28, first came up with the idea of  ​​launching a boutique gefilte operation, while attending a conference of Jewish food in the Berkshires. The challenge, as he saw it, it was essential to make a meal Ashkenazi Jewish according to the new America “Michael Pollen / Alice Waters-style” eating regime. “Our mission is to create a Jewish food brand that speaks to the values ​​of our generation,” he says. “Kind of ‘Whole Foods meets Manischewitz.”

Gefilte craft commissioning is probably closer to the original gefilte fish, which was made with the freshest ingredients possible. “Jews do not have constant access to fresh fish carp will remain in their bathtubs,” says Yoskowitz. “This food that somehow, at some point, I put in a bottle was really valued and appreciated to the point where families do not bath for a week so they could eat fresh fish quality at parties.”

Since opening the store last spring with the help of a business loan Chase Bank (JPM) small, Gefilteria has raced to keep up with demand. Last Easter, sold out of its 200 loaves Gefilte both semi-breads ($ 16) and family size loaves ($ 28)-in a matter of days. This year, the company, which has been extended and is now sold by food retailers such as Gourmet Garage and Zabar, has already sold more than 1,400 loaves. It has also sent its pink and white gefilte customers in California, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Texas.

There is not much competition. Some shops and restaurants make their own gefilte gourmet for the holidays, and people can buy frozen Gefilte “trunks” and cooking with homemade condiments, but asserts that the only Gefilteria fresh, ready-to-eat products currently on the market. The company also sells a variety of other things, not all of which are seasonal. Your Citrus radish carrot and beet horseradish, which are intended to be eaten with stuffing, can for example be used in cocktails, says Yoskowitz.

Over time, fresh breads expected Yoskowitz Gefilte your company will help bring more love to highlight opposition. “One of our goals is to make it so that it’s not just something that people eat at Easter, but to get to a point where people are comfortable dinners serve as you would a pie.”


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