Steve Ballmer of Microsoft not afraid Dropbox or less IPad Office

0129_ballmer_630x420When Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer makes its definition these days, often in front of a 82-inch interactive display mounted on the wall of his office. Ballmer is set to delve into the LCD screen Perceptive Pixel, a more energetic version of Wolf Blitzer. Screen points to Microsoft’s vision for a future where interactive documents, spreadsheets and presentations are encouraged and working on projects with more gusto gesturing. (This is a future that plays to the strengths of Ballmer.)

Microsoft (MSFT) took an important step toward that future decently today with the release of Office 2013. As Dina Bass and I said, this is the Office of the cloud, as you can now save files directly to SkyDrive, the online storage system from Microsoft. Users can also pay for the software in the form of annual subscription and receive updates every three months instead of every three years. In an interview on 29 January, Ballmer talked about the release of Office 2013 and Microsoft where he addresses when making people more productive.

What is the big step here?
No. 1, this new office is very consistent with what I would call a new generation of hardware and software. It has a fast and easy interface liquids. Works well with touch user interfaces and supports modern and modern hardware. This is the first version built from the first moment to think about the cloud as a delivery point. It supports multiple devices, and encompasses the concept of social development, so you can stay connected and share information with the people you care about. It will be very valuable for anyone who cares at all about being productive.

You face the enormous challenge of trying to advance a product that nearly 1 billion people depend. You want to modernize, but do not want to break everything that people need. Partly as a result, Microsoft is coming late to the cloud and now goes against a company like Dropbox already has 100 million users.
Well, remember, 100 million sounds like a pretty small number for me, actually. We have many more users of Office. And if you really want to go to the cloud, we have a lot of users of Hotmail and SkyDrive. I’m not knocking Dropbox. They are a little fine start and that’s great.

First, did our HTML versions of Office Web Apps, which are called, two versions behind. I think probably six years. I upgraded three years ago. And this is just a logical step in the way we embraced.

Have 1 billion Office users today. It seems that this number can not get much bigger.
That number will grow. That is a miracle of economic development, is not it? More and more people come into the class of information workers and knowledge workers. More and more students receiving education increasingly becoming more and more on working with information every day.

You called Dropbox as a small start, but you pay $ 1.2 billion last year to Yammer, and has only 6 million users from over 100 million from Dropbox.
Well, remember, there are two different things here. Yammer is a kind of medium and upper. And what we’re trying to do with [the cloud-based Microsoft, service] Office 365, which has a side business and consumers. For the numbers like $ 100 million, it is useful to start with consumers against companies doing what you’re comparing apples to apples.

Overall, I would say a much higher percentage of our commitment to our clients drive consumer comes. And a much higher percentage of our income comes from our participation business customers. Yammer And the model is really about how you let the people who work in businesses excited, and then, if they do their business and I think it is important and valuable, how you pay for it?

But, in general, are still satisfied with this agreement? Only 20 percent of Yammer customers really pay for the service.
I am delighted. We have much work to do. When you bought it, we knew we had a lot of work to do. It’s a great team of people, but really get what bootstrap is a product that is easy to build a natural next viral, which is fantastic. We are a bit on the track, but at this point in what I would call a big trip, in bold.

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