Q & A: Director of “Silver Circle ‘Anti-Fed action movie

fedmovie Monetary policy would be much more attractive if there was a car chase and then. Or so I thought Pasha Roberts, founder of two media Lanterns in Cambridge, Massachusetts, premiering new animated action adventure film Silver Circle in New York next week. In the story, the almighty Federal Reserve becomes evil. Then a group of rebels were ready to destroy the Fed and the law of the universe. There are explosions, guns, even romantic. (The study is expected to catch up with the V for Vendetta crowd.)

Bloomberg Businessweek spoke with director Pasha Roberts, a former computer programmer who earned his master’s degree in financial engineering at MIT, about the movie, which has attracted 16,000 fans on Facebook so far.

An action movie about monetary policy? Really?

It seems unlikely, but the Federal Reserve is the latest James Bond bad guy. It is this secret society that controls the currency of the world for the past 100 years, almost undetected.

What are the benefits of using animation to this story?

We wanted to have a bit of separation from the world a bit now. We are an animation studio, so we have the resources to do this, and that allows us to do things we could not do without a big budget one needs to live a movie like helicopter shots and flying things, and a pursuit of Car in Washington DC

Are you hoping to be a cult classic or a blockbuster?

Something in between. I do not think we’re going to compete with Avatar. A hearing attended there for people who care about freedom oriented problems.

No offense, but you have to be a nerd to enjoy this?

No. The other area we market this is the conventions of comics and animation festivals. [These] viewers know nothing about monetary policy, but it’s just a funny story. Many people enjoy it on that level.

What is your target audience?

Seventeen of 35-year-old. Maybe the kids, if you can stand the kissing part of it-I have talked to many parents in the conventions of comics about it, and it’s a clean movie, PG-13, so there is nothing crazy.

So no kissing, but no sex.

Sex and the animation is a bit creepy, I think.

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