Ikea expanding empire includes hotels and Cities

moxy Ikea is world famous for its elegant furniture and a prefabricated affordable. What many people do not know is that the ubiquitous retailer is more than a branch of the Inter Ikea Group expanding empire, focused on modular design, owned by Swedish billionaire Ingvar Kamprad.

On Tuesday, Marriott International (MAR) announced that it has partnered with Inter Ikea American Hospitality Group subsidiary to open a fashion brand, three star hotels. The Moxy online hotel, which opened its first store in early next year, aims to attract “not only the generation X and Y, but people with a sensitivity younger for whom contemporary style is paramount,” said a statement from Marriott press.

Together, Marriott Hospitality and Inter plan to open 150 Moxys across Europe over the next 10 years, beginning in Italy, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Meanwhile, another subsidiary of Ikea, called LandProp, has begun to design an entire section of 26 acres of the historic East London. Known as East Strand, mixed-use plans include apartments, offices, restaurants, and a 350-room hotel. The streets are for pedestrians and bicycles, first, while cars are kept in underground parking. It’s been reported that the city Ikea include a system of underground tunnels that suck out trash.

London is not the only city that the company has set its sights on. “While there are similar projects in Poland, Latvia and Romania, the Swedish company now wants to buy vacant land in several Western European cities and entire neighborhoods built from scratch, including the North German city-state of Hamburg” Spiegel International reports.

History of Ikea to go beyond flat-pack furniture dates back at least to 1996 when Kamprad associated with Swedish construction giant Skanska to start BoKlok Company that builds affordable houses that are designed to better adapt to a society more compounds of single mothers, pensioners and students moving away from home.

The company website says BoKlok houses “have been created through a fruitful collaboration between qualified architects who know how to create comfortable homes and IKEA interior designers who understand how people want to live. They are designed around factory processes allowing them to be much more efficient in terms of built quality can be controlled through the site based on the construction. “Already, 4,000 apartments have been built in more than 100 locations in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland , Britain and Germany.

BoKlok homes are sold through lotteries that take place in Ikea stores. But Ikea furniture stores and not always included in Inter Ikea plans major: Strand East, for example, has no plan to allow big-box stores in the neighborhood, not even Ikea. As Moxy hotels? According to reports, will not be furnished with Ikea staples, and that’s probably a good thing. A person can only have so many Karlstad sofas and Billy shelves.


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