Flunks Harvard Investments, Jim Breyer of Accel Taps


(Update 9 paragraph with comments from a spokesman for Harvard University on the role of Breyer.)

When Ivy League fiscal year that ended in June, Harvard University ended in an unfamiliar place: the past. Foundation is the only school in the writings of losing money on an investment, the return of a negative return of 0.05 per cent below the average increase of 2.3 percent and far behind the leader Dartmouth 5.8 percent. Harvard Fund remains by far the largest Ivy League, to $ 30700000000, but in Cambridge, ranked eighth in the event just is not enough.

And so, on 4 December, the university announced that a leading venture capitalist Jim Breyer of Accel Partners has joined the board of Harvard.

In Breyer, Harvard’s most successful capitalist risk of Silicon Valley, best known for betting early on Facebook (FB) that helped make him a billionaire. At Harvard, Breyer added perhaps the most prestigious names in the membership of the board to continue to expand its membership list.

Breyer, a graduate of Harvard Business School, as director of baseball card collecting. At this point, it may be quicker to list the places where it is not a director, but here’s a start: Breyer is on the board of Facebook, Wal-Mart Stores (WMT), Dell (DELL), News Corp. (NWS), Etsy, Prosper Marketplace, Booyah, Ubermedia and Bbnt Solutions, according to the Bloomberg database. Breyer of Accel site added that “serve on the board of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program, Epicenter, National Highway engineering for innovation, TechNet and is a trustee of the Museum of Modern Art San Francisco (SFMOMA), and the School Menlo. ”

In addition, Accel’s Breyer said the president of Stanford Venture Fund Engineering and honorary professor at the University of Hunan Yuelu Academy in China. Forelegs Presidencies and other roles came in the National Venture Capital Association and the Western Association of Venture Capitalists, Global Advisory Board of Harvard and Harvard Business School, Brightcove (BCoV), Marvel Entertainment, RealNetworks (RNWK), Lightspan, Interactive mpath; drive (Birt); Thestreet.co.uk (TST), legendary entertainment, Model N, among others.

Breyer Sometime even found time to work on Accel.

In May 2012, New York Times, columnist Gretchen Morgenson Breyer guilty of association board, noting that four of the five directors of public companies were tainted by scandal or mismanagement. Included News Corp., which had become involved in the wiretapping scandal before joining Breyer board, Wal-Mart, accused of bribery in Mexico, and Dell, the struggling computer maker agreed to take personal leave condescending. Breyer also criticized Morgenson support companies with dual structure class action, which tends to have a weak supervisory board of the voting rights are concentrated in the hands of a few shareholders. Breyer did not respond to email requests for comment.

Join Harvard Corporation, known as a table, to be sweeter for Breyer. In 2004, Forbes reported, the university abandoned its investment in Accel Partners. This happens just as the performance of the company was about to take off, largely thanks to its participation in Facebook, which started in a Harvard dormitory room.

Harvard endowment is run by Harvard Management Company, which is run by Jane L. Mendillo. Kevin Galvin, a university spokeswoman, said in an emailed statement that Breyer has joined the board of the school, rather than an investment firm. “University Council is not involved in setting investment policy for the University,” he wrote. “Mr. Breyer close involvement with technology and media companies will undoubtedly make him a valuable advisor to the University on a variety of issues.”

While Harvard behind the rest of the Ivy League last year, the return on investment is in line with national universities. Provisions declined by 0.3 percent on average, according to the National Association of College and University. Harvard core, however, is that it is flat. University operations and the ability to compete for academic talent depend on a strong financial performance.

As Harvard students know when their grades begin to fall behind the curve, it is wise to bring tutors. Breyer experience can not hurt, if you can actually find the time to pay.

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