Boycott Groupon: In answer to your gun-related suspension deals

0123_guns_groupon_630x420A growing number of small businesses are acidification on daily deal sites like Groupon (GRPN) by not generating repeat business, as reported in this story a few months ago. Add to affair soured a gun store Austin (Texas).

Central Texas Gun Works owner Michael Cargill does not complain about the performance, he is unhappy about Groupon recent suspension of gun-related offers. Cargill told Bloomberg News that is asking customers and other business owners to boycott the site offers. He said his store based in Austin Leads loss after Groupon ended its agreement for half of a class of firearm safety $ 140 ahead of schedule.

Groupon is “aimed at law-abiding citizens who are taking time out of their busy schedules to take a gun safety course, learn conflict resolution and all the books laws surrounding gun,” Cargill said.

“The [gun related deals] category is under review following the recent consumer and dealer feedback,” Julie Mossler, a spokeswoman for Chicago-based Groupon, told Bloomberg News by e-mail, without going into details.

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